Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hi blog followers,

This message is for my 20 something friends who feel they are to young to be a mentor. I don't believe you are to young. If you have experience and are able to share with others how God has worked in your life then I think you are capable of being a mentor to someone else. Sure, we may not know it all and we still are learning just as much, which I believe it is important to invest in a mentor too! 

I'm going to commit to finding a mentor and being a mentor to someone younger than me too. Maybe it can be a short goal and commiting to seeing them  at least 1 a month in person and weekly emails! I just encourage you to find people you can reach out to who may need an extra ear. Today I saw it first hand and it has inspired me to go out and give. Give time. Give wise advice based on experience. Give hope in Jesus. 

These are the things I has to say. 


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