Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Days of Teaching

Hi Blog Followers,

I hope you had a great weekend so far and let me just say, I'm going to start loving my weekends so much more! My first days on teaching were easy and hard at the same time. It was easy, because I love what I get to teach. The hard part is I'm walking into a classroom that is 3 weeks in and it's hard to establish classroom management at this level if you've never done it, which I'm sure middle school parents who are reading this probably don't want to hear that. Plus, I have paper work to fill out that the majority of it I feel I have no idea what exactly I'm signing for and I don't even want to list everything else that I have to do, because it's going to sound Negative, and I really don't want to sound negative, because I do believe it's a blessing. I'm just overwhelmed to say the least. 

The staff at my new school is super kind and helpful, which is a huge positive! However, driving to LA everyday is going to be  tough. God doesn't give us something that we can't handle though and it's a great time for lots of prayer and singing time ;) A funny story is when I looked at my GPS map it said I was 2.7 miles away from my school and I was relieved that I was so close, but 30 mins later I was freaking out, because I was going to be late on my first day. I'm not sure if I had tears in my eyes or if I laughed it's been a blur.

 Like I said, I still believe that this job is blessing, but as Rumplestilskin says from "Once Upon a Time" ( I can't wait to watch season 4 this fall!),  "Everything comes with a price."  

These are the things I had to say.

Drea said it. 

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