Friday, June 26, 2015

The Capitol Theme Party-For The Hunger Game Lovers

Hey Blog Followers,

Today I was thinking how cool it would be to have a Capitol Theme party. Having this party would be so awesome for the month of October or November, especially since the last movie will come out this November!  I want to hear some of your ideas and what would make it the ultimate party, but for now here are some of my brainstorm ideas.

I would picture a capitol party to look a different couple ways.

Option 1: Black and white, but with hints of colorful accents.
Option 2: Very modern looking and lots of abstract concepts.
Option 3: Very white with color accents
Option 4: Very colorful with lanterns and super crazy and colorful lights.
How fun would it be to see your friends dress up in extreme colors, wear mismatch or too matchy clothing,  and wear pounds of make-up?
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I think there are lots of different ways you could go with this, but here are some basics:

 Ladies: Wigs, hair coloring, crazy eyelashes, scarves, hats, leggings, fancy dresses, OH man the list can go on.

Guys: Hair coloring, make up, smooth or crazy hair, suits, I'm not really sure, but let's just say it's an open book. 

I couldn't help, but put this image in:

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Here are some other ideas:
  • Fancy pumpkin soup
  • Colorful drinks (non-alcoholic preferably, but hey-that's just me) 
  • Fancy and very colorful desserts! 

The Hunger Games soundtrack...just kidding. I'm not really sure what I would picture for capitol music. It might be a combination of classical in the day and techno at night, but that's just my opinion. 

I have no idea if this is a party I will be throwing or pulling off anytime soon, but hey you never know and dreaming is always a good starting place.

I want to hear from you blog followers: Would this be a party you would go to? What else do you picture a capitol party to look like? 

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

From 180 min commute to an 8 minute commute

Hey Blog Followers!

Have you ever heard the saying that so much can change in a year? Well, I can say that pretty much sums up my life right now.

Background Story:
In September 2014 (not even a year ago) I accepted a computer teaching position at Culver City Middle School (here is the link to that post just in case you missed it). At first, I couldn't believe that I would end up teaching middle school computers and after a trying, but successful year my heart changed where  I couldn't see myself going back to teaching elementary, because I have loved teaching middle school students and computers so much! However, finding a job like that isn't always easy, so I felt torn on what to do next. Do I look for jobs near home even though they might not be middle school computers or do I stay at in Culver City and suck up the commute for at least another year?

Well, I give thanks, praises, and glory to God, because he blessed me with my heart's desire for the dilemma I was having!

I have accepted a position to teach Computer Electives for Sandburg Middle School in GLENDORA! I'm not a Gutter Titan anymore, but a Sandbox Spartan (Glendorian's will get that...). It's all still so surreal for me and probably will be until I start teaching! 

There are so many miracles, small stories, and people along the way that made this possible and I might write a whole blog post on every single miracle that led to this point. However, right now I briefly want to share this journal entry that I wrote after I started my first couple days at Culver City:

Journal Entry I wrote on September 13, 2014:
"...[me complaining about the commute] It's only day 2! I don't know what is going to happen. I'm already praying for a solution! My heart really doesn't want to make L.A. my home, even if it is temporary. My whole life is in Glendora, church, family, and friends. My dad made so many sacrifices to give us what we have, just like my Heavenly Father sacrifice is the greatest act of love. I guess I don't know what I'm sacrificing for."

God heard me and even though the solution didn't come right away, he used my 1st year teaching experience to prepare me for a job that only He knew would come to exist in the future. He prepared me in so many ways and even though I complained along the way, He was still gracious, merciful, and understanding. At the time I didn't know what I was sacrificing for, but now I am so thankful to God for not allowing me to give up.

I don't know what trials you are currently facing, but my prayer is that God will allow you to keep pushing through it and that it will come back and become a blessing to you! Don't be afraid to listen to your gut feelings and I mainly want to encourage you to dream big!

My question to you blog followers is, what is one thing that you feel would be so impossible to accomplish? Whatever it is you choose, please let me know so that I can pray with you that God will turn that impossible to a possible!

These are the things I had to say.