Thursday, April 14, 2016

Genius instrumental talent in 70's songs!

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I've really been in a 70's kick for the past year now. I am IN LOVE with some of this music that we often forget about and maybe haven't even noticed. Here are some songs that you really need to go back listen to and specifically find these instruments in these songs.

The harmonica in "Heart of Gold" by Neil Young: Oh man, gives me chills every time. I tried replicating it with my harmonica and let me tell you, this little instrument is trickier than you think! If you don't believe it, then go try it. If you accomplish it, then you are a talented music genius.

The piano in "Somebody to love" by Queen: As a piano player, I'm telling you, these are not easy chords to keep up with. This band is amazing! They are well known by all generations for a reason. In my opinion, this song is insanely amazing for many reasons. The way they put all their high pitched voices and sounds together, but yet make it flow so fluently... TALENTED!

Drums and horn (Brass instrument)  in "Sir Duke" by Stevie Wonder: Makes you want to move and yet when he sings you are still able to focus on what he is saying.

Steven Tyler's perfectly screaming and controlled voice in "Dream On" by AeroSmith. I recommend that you watch Steven Tyler perform this song. His pitches are so perfect on those high screeching notes and makes you even enjoy this song.

Drums in "More than a feeling" by Boston: Keeps a steady beat, but if you really listen in changes to predictable and yet unpredictable patterns at the same time. I don't really know how to explain it, but just listen to it and maybe you'll hear what I'm trying to describe!

String instrument (Guitar?) and piano in "She's always a woman" by Billy Joel. Let me just say, the piano his songs is something that you can't help but feel drawn too. I love this song, so I might be a little bias right now.

What are some 70 songs you enjoy listening to that we should go back a dissect a bit deeper than just the lyrics?

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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Loving my student's work!

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Today's post is a little random than my normal posts, because I normally don't talk about my students and their work. When I was a kinder aide I usually would put up quotes they would say. Also, when I was a first year teacher last year I would share some things that I was doing with my students, because everything was so new! The ironic part is that even though I am not commuting hardly at all anymore, I feel I am FINALLY starting to balance work and life. It only took 7 months to do so! :)

I am loving the work that my kids have created this year and I wanted to share some of it with you.

My 7th/8th grade Pixlr class (Free version of photoshop...check out the link!) is a fun one for me to teach. I am very much in my element, but more than that I love seeing what my kids create! I give them all the same guidelines and instructions and no art work is ever the same! It's amazing!

One project we did was remaking a book cover and this is what they came up with! They make me so proud :)

Another project we recently did was a typography assignment. Can you see the words in the pictures? What I love about this is that these two students don't sit by each other, but they used the same word with two interpretations. 
If you are a teacher or are into a hobby let me know what are things you are doing that you are proud of lately!

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