Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Loving my student's work!

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Today's post is a little random than my normal posts, because I normally don't talk about my students and their work. When I was a kinder aide I usually would put up quotes they would say. Also, when I was a first year teacher last year I would share some things that I was doing with my students, because everything was so new! The ironic part is that even though I am not commuting hardly at all anymore, I feel I am FINALLY starting to balance work and life. It only took 7 months to do so! :)

I am loving the work that my kids have created this year and I wanted to share some of it with you.

My 7th/8th grade Pixlr class (Free version of photoshop...check out the link!) is a fun one for me to teach. I am very much in my element, but more than that I love seeing what my kids create! I give them all the same guidelines and instructions and no art work is ever the same! It's amazing!

One project we did was remaking a book cover and this is what they came up with! They make me so proud :)

Another project we recently did was a typography assignment. Can you see the words in the pictures? What I love about this is that these two students don't sit by each other, but they used the same word with two interpretations. 
If you are a teacher or are into a hobby let me know what are things you are doing that you are proud of lately!

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