Monday, April 14, 2014

100 Things I'm Thankful For

Hi Blog Followers,

It's been a great Lent season so far! Praise God for his grace and mercy, because He knows the challenges I have had to face, but still allowed me to grow from them and turned them around for His glory! 

I know being in my mid-20's there are so many times where I start to worry about  my next step, but God tells us bluntly not to worry about ANYTHING and yet I do or many times I catch myself complaining, which can be so tiring. So, I have been thinking that I have the power to captivate those negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones!  The practice I have adopted isn't anything new and maybe you have heard of it before, which is  thinking about the things you do have and being thankful for them. I have found it helpful that writing them has been the best thing for me in order to really take time to reflect on the good, rather than the bad. Also, once you start to reflect on all the good, then the bad doesn't seem so bad, especially when you know that it could be worse. Here is my list of 100 things that I am thankful for.

I'm Thankful for:

  1. Knowing that my sins have been erased, because of Jesus.
  2. Knowing that God loves me.
  3. Knowing my family loves me.
  4. Having a family and a home to call home.
  5. A loyal  and loving sister to call my best friend.
  6. My health.
  7. Taste buds.
  8. My job.
  9. A car to get to work and other places.
  10. The places I have been.
  11. Being able to dream.
  12. Having a remember.
  13.  My country
  14. Living in Sunny California.
  15. Knowing how to swim.
  16. Knowing how to play instruments.
  17. My education.
  18. A nose  to smell.
  19. My friends.
  20. Disney movies.
  21. The time  period that I live in.
  22. Supportive and helpful parents.
  23. Never lacking food, warmth, or comfort.
  24. Having laws and safety.
  25. Knowing what it means to be happy, excited.
  26. Sleeping and waking up.
  27. Eyes to see.
  28. That my debt can be paid off.
  29. Buying  new clothes when needed.
  30. A memory.
  31. Hearing music.
  32. Not being a picky eater or food allergies.
  33. God's beauty and creative world.
  34. The Earth still spinning.
  35. Being able to get to a doctor quickly.
  36. Affording dentist appointments.
  37. Being able to go to the grocery store at whatever time of the day. 
  38. Celebrations.
  39. Being able to laugh until you cry.
  40. Reading books.
  41. Having access to modern technology.
  42. Communicating with family members and friends easily and quickly.
  43. Being able to dance, even if it's not the best :)
  44. Being able to swim in the ocean without fear.
  45. Never being seriously bitten by an animal.
  46. Never being in a serious accident.
  47. Never needing surgery.
  48. Never breaking anything in my body.
  49. My childhood memories.
  50. Variety of music, movies, and book genres.
  51. My South Africa experience.
  52. My Ecuadorian family.
  53. Never having to dye my hair. (yet :)
  54. Living in Glendora.
  55. Being 30-40 minutes from Ocean, L.A, Mountains, desert.
  56. Brownies, snickers, and ice cream.
  57. Meat.
  58. Not having to kill my own food.
  59. Clean public restrooms.
  60. Making it to age 24.
  61. Friends that are helpful and encourating with studying for the RICA, especially when I have been down about it. 
  62. Friends who have let me borrow their books in college!
  63. Creative writers who create T.V shows like "Once Upon a Time," "Gossip Girl," "Gilmore Girls", "E.R." etc.
  64. My kinders who make me smile and laugh every school day. 
  65. Cold medicine.
  66. Different seasons throughout the year.
  67. Christmas season (food, music, family).
  68. Seafood.
  69. Calculators (Math isn't in my strength).
  70. Birthday party memories that I have.
  71. Brave men and women who serve in military, police, firefighting, etc. to help and protect.
  72. Being able to have different political views.
  73. Being able to talk about my faith freely.
  74. Kind, honest, and respectful strangers who are helpful when we need help.
  75. Having a church so close.
  76. Sunrises and sunsets.
  77. My name.
  78. Summer.
  79. Being able to ride a bike.
  80. My bed.
  81. Ability to know more than one language.
  82. Nightmares that aren't realities. 
  83. Clean water.
  84. Vacations.
  85. Photography and being able to capture memories.
  86. That God isn't finished with me yet.
  87. Google.
  88. Surprises.
  89. Warm showers.
  90. Clean sense of humor.
  91. Getting places faster (planes, cars, trains, etc.)
  92. History and being able to learn about it.
  93. Recreation activities to keep us entertained.
  94. When prayers are answered.
  95. Strawberry donuts at Donut Man! 
  96. Being able to run.
  97. Orange juice.
  98. Fun adventures that are waiting for me.   
  99. God's blessings that we don't even ask for or haven't even pictured yet.
  100. The Life I have been given.
Made this for my Photoshop class. I took this picture in South Africa and I must say it was probably the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen.