Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hi blog followers,

This message is for my 20 something friends who feel they are to young to be a mentor. I don't believe you are to young. If you have experience and are able to share with others how God has worked in your life then I think you are capable of being a mentor to someone else. Sure, we may not know it all and we still are learning just as much, which I believe it is important to invest in a mentor too! 

I'm going to commit to finding a mentor and being a mentor to someone younger than me too. Maybe it can be a short goal and commiting to seeing them  at least 1 a month in person and weekly emails! I just encourage you to find people you can reach out to who may need an extra ear. Today I saw it first hand and it has inspired me to go out and give. Give time. Give wise advice based on experience. Give hope in Jesus. 

These are the things I has to say. 


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not neglecting!!!

Dear Blog Followers,

This blessing (my new job) is taking over my life, more than I would like it to. Being a first year teacher is exciting, but for sure has it's challenges. I'm so overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. The biggest shift is trying to learn a new school culture, staff, and even the campus!!! It's been go go go since I started that I haven't even taken a tour of the whole campus! I'm also going to have to do BTSA (induction program to clear my credential) and having teacher evaluations at some point on top of keeping up with grades, lesson plans and a lack of sleep. People say it'll get easier as time passes, but as of now I'm literally taking it day by day.

So, with that said, I apologize to my friends and family if it seems that I'm neglecting you or ignoring you... I'm not. I'm simply sitting in traffic and not texting/calling back, I'm home shutting out from the world for a bit, or sleeping. I hope to get back to my blog and vlogs at some point, but at this point I'm just treading water with this new position. 

These are the things I had to say.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Days of Teaching

Hi Blog Followers,

I hope you had a great weekend so far and let me just say, I'm going to start loving my weekends so much more! My first days on teaching were easy and hard at the same time. It was easy, because I love what I get to teach. The hard part is I'm walking into a classroom that is 3 weeks in and it's hard to establish classroom management at this level if you've never done it, which I'm sure middle school parents who are reading this probably don't want to hear that. Plus, I have paper work to fill out that the majority of it I feel I have no idea what exactly I'm signing for and I don't even want to list everything else that I have to do, because it's going to sound Negative, and I really don't want to sound negative, because I do believe it's a blessing. I'm just overwhelmed to say the least. 

The staff at my new school is super kind and helpful, which is a huge positive! However, driving to LA everyday is going to be  tough. God doesn't give us something that we can't handle though and it's a great time for lots of prayer and singing time ;) A funny story is when I looked at my GPS map it said I was 2.7 miles away from my school and I was relieved that I was so close, but 30 mins later I was freaking out, because I was going to be late on my first day. I'm not sure if I had tears in my eyes or if I laughed it's been a blur.

 Like I said, I still believe that this job is blessing, but as Rumplestilskin says from "Once Upon a Time" ( I can't wait to watch season 4 this fall!),  "Everything comes with a price."  

These are the things I had to say.

Drea said it. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Change of MY plans...Right on track for God's plan

Hey Blog Followers,

I know it's been a while since I have posted last, but  I'm so excited to share with you that I have change of plans on what I will be doing this upcoming year! One of my most recent blog posts titled, The Sky is the Limit talked about how I was going to be subbing this year and I can say, I was able to sub for a total of two weeks (I can still say that I've been a substitute teacher, right?). I'm not going to say that I learned everything I needed to learn as a teacher with those few experiences, but I will say if I learned as much in those two weeks as I did, then I can't even imagine what I would have learned at the end of a school year. 

Well, the change of plan is I am no longer going to be subbing this year, because I have accepted a position as a Computer Elective Teacher for Culver City Middle School (Go Panthers)! I'm still processing all of this, so if this post feels scattered well it's because it still feels scattered in my brain. 

I have been a Kindergarten aide for two years and for the ones who really know me, know that my nature is very suitable for younger children, because I can be very soft spoken at times and I have a high tolerance level for things that other people find annoying. I tell people all the time that being a Kindergarten Aide is a dream job for  many reasons...seeing cute kids everyday, still teaching without having to plan, helping out the classroom teacher with all kinds of tasks, not knowing what your getting for the day...alright alright, it's not a dream job for everybody, but I think I would have been happy if it was my job for the rest of my life. I feel after getting my credential my main focus was I had to get an elementary teaching position, even though there were times that I felt 3/4 of my heart wanted that and 1/4 was unsure. I would say that 1/4 was open to something else, but I just wasn't sure what it could be.

Well, as many of my teacher friends know, when it comes to applying for teaching jobs, Edjoin becomes your best friend and many times you find yourself applying to the most random places and get to know of areas that you didn't even know existed, near and far. I vaguely remember applying to a post that was titled, "Computer Teacher" back in early August. Well, when I wrote my blog post, "The Sky is the Limit", I felt all the jobs that I really wanted were already filled, schools already started, and the chances of getting hired for a full time position was starting to narrow down. 

This is the part that I know God laughs at and reminds me, ANYTHING is possible with God. Last Thursday, I was at a sub job when I found out that I could interview for a computer teaching position. I went in the next day, Friday, for the interview, and was offered the job on Monday (yesterday). It has all happened so fast, but I do believe that this position couldn't have been more perfect for me. The Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." That is exactly how I feel right now...I will be getting paid to teach kids how to use computer programs that I use daily, I am still getting to use my credential, and it's a "job" that I will want to keep growing in, which means looking into taking classes that I would be doing regardless of this position or not, because technology is always changing and I need to stay up to date of course. I will admit that I didn't see myself ever teaching middle school students, but I'm so excited to enter this world!

Above all, I have to thank God for everything He has done. He gives me things even when I don't deserve it. I have doubted Him, complained to Him, and cried to Him for the things that haven't worked out, but yet He still gives me the things that are the best for me! Anyone that is going through a period of uncertainty, I pray that God will release you from that. On my Instagram account I posted a picture that said, "We were made to thrive" and I got it from the Casting Crown song, "Thrive." This song reminds me that ANYTHING that God gives us is all for Him and He can equip us to do the impossible  when we choose to ask Him and bring Him into our lives. I say, lets keep dreaming, keep praying, and continue to be persistent. I will humbly admit that I might forget this feeling someday or these words that mean something now may feel empty in the future, but that's the beauty of writing...I write so that I can come back and be reminded of all the beautiful things!!! 

These are the things I had to say.