Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The random me

Hey blog followers, 

I am a very random person. It was bound to happen, because my family and upbringing is pretty unique and random than the average nuclear family. Not only is my family random, but I'll be the first to admit that the things that come out of my mouth are pretty random (It's why I called my blog, "Drea Said It-The Things I have to say"). I have this problem where I think people can hear my thoughts, which means people automatically know what I'm talking about without giving them a preface. 

Here are some quotes that's my friends still remind me of what I have said in the past: 

"I like to thank God for creativity. Like today, I thanked God for Twilight" (APU Study Abroad South Africa, 2009)

"Thank you Nelson Mandela for sacrificing your life." (APU Study Abroad South Africa, 2009)

The author of Twilight is intellectual. She uses fancy French words like, Façade. (APU, 2010)

"We're Hydro-PLANKING" (In the car... can't remember what year)

Alright alright, they may not be funny to most of you, but for the ones who were there in those moments, you know you still make fun of me for it. I love laughing with you about it too :)

My family, the jobs I have had, my groups of friends, and life experiences that I have had have been pretty random. I broke down into categories the things that are random and explained why.


  • My dad had me when he was 60 and my sister at 61. 
  • The fact that I have sister that is 11 months and 2 weeks apart is pretty random. (yay for being Irish Twins!) 
  • I have 8 1/2 siblings and even though my mom never knew my 1/2 siblings mom- my mom was friends with my 1/2 siblings mom's, sister. 
  • I was an aunt before I was born (Yes, my nieces and nephews are older than me)
  • I was a Great-Aunt when I was 21. A GREAT AUNT!!!! I'm hopeful to be a Great-Great Aunt in my lifetime ;)
  • Working for Boys and Girls club at 6am
  • Had one of the best jobs in the whole world, Kindergarten Aide! (How that all happened was random in my opinion)
  • Working in Culver City (When I applied I had to idea where Culver City was, but the blessing is that my sister lived 15 minutes away from there and I didn't even know it when I applied).
  • Ending up as a computer elective teacher (The plan was elementary!!! Kindergarten, first grade, MAYBE 4th!) 
  • Ending up as a MIDDLE SCHOOL teacher ( I told people all the time, "I would never do middle school. Elementary and High school for sure, Middle school-never)
  • The only middle school experience I had was on my 1st day on the job. I'll never forget. It was Thursday, September 11, 2014. 
  • Ending up at Sandburg Middle School with the same job as C.C.M.S
  • Coaching 7th grade boys basketball this year!
Life experiences:
  • Being destined to go to South Africa
  • Getting stuck in a Sci-Fi Freshman writing class my sophomore year of college and loving it!
  • Walking up to a guy I had a crush on and telling him how he called me a boy in the 2nd grade...(What can I say, the nerves get the best of me and I had nothing better to say?) 
  • Eating Del Tacos beef burrito when it use to be the #1 with ketchup. 
  • Flew from CA to Seattle to only end up sleeping at the airport and came back home less than 24 hours(I was suppose to end up in Montana, but their was snow storm, which canceled the trip)
The beauty of all these random things are they make me, me! It's fun that I have different groups of friends, a unique family, random interests, and experiences. Most of the things I have enjoyed in my life have been put into my path randomly. I wasn't necessarily looking for it, but it found me and each event has truly led me to next. Every thing has been done for a purpose. I full heartily believe that.  Some things can't be explained, some things are in the making still, and some things are just super clear on why it is the way it is.

Whatever life has brought you, embrace it! There is a reason, a purpose, and even if you don't understand-it will one day link a puzzle piece to another. 

These are things I had to say.

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