Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The kind of guy I will one day end up with

Hey Blog Followers,

I hope this new year has been a good start for you. Even through the valleys (hardships) I'm hoping you are taking some life lessons and will be able to pass down your wise experience on how you have overcame them through this season. 

I feel pretty open talking about the dating/single life, because I feel it's a topic that people want to talk about, but often there is a dark stain that comes with that topic, so I want to try and break that. I'm not saying that I handle it the best way, because my close family and friends know how much it touches me talking about this. 

I want to share a dream and my thoughts about it, because it truly taught me on what I'm really looking for in a life companion. I'll be the first to admit that I had a list of of the superficial qualities that I was looking for in a guy, however recently I am learning it's so much deeper than that. This dream has shifted my heart and mind to think and feel differently. 

The dream:
The dream started off with me meeting a guy that I use to have a crush on. In the dream I was suppose to wait for him to get ready, because he was not ready, but then the next scene in my dream was we were at church singing songs of worship. This person in my dream knew the lyrics to the songs, but wasn't singing it from his heart. He was basically lip singing and then I said to him, "You know the words, so why aren't you singing?" In my dream I felt the change shift drastically all  because of those words I told him. The dream ended with that guy having his arm around me-like a side hug and we were truly singing songs of worship to God from our hearts. The most powerful thing I felt in my dream was, I felt spiritually safe with that person. 

So here are the lessons I learned:
1) You may be ready to date someone, but maybe God is still working on that person. Maybe they aren't ready. Maybe God only wants to give you the absolute best and He knows that it can even better. 
2) A person may "know" Jesus, but does he really know him? He may say he does and sure, he knows the stories or can defend with bible verses that he knows God, but what really matters is his heart. Is he able to sing songs to God with his whole heart or does he just sing the lyrics?
3) Feeling physically safe is important, but feeling spiritually safe with someone is just as important or even more important. Physical looks or protection will pass and is not guaranteed, so I would argue that being with someone who is cheering you on to live a life eternity with God is more important. 
4) You want to be singing side by side with the person you end up with singing praises to God. It was so beautiful that it's hard to describe the feeling (AND THAT IT'S JUST A FEELING FROM A DREAM! I CAN'T IMAGINE WHAT THE REAL THING FEELS LIKE!)

I'll admit, that it's so tempting to date someone who you get along with, but isn't pushing you to a deeper relationship with God. I'm not saying that it's easy waiting for the right person. I'm saying that I'm at least going to try and if those feelings from my dream are true, then I rather wait for the right person to spend the rest of this life with than settle.  

My list of the guy that I'm prayer has changed from physical features to something deeper.

The guy I will end up will...
-Love and knows jesus whole heartily.
-Prays with and for you.
-Thanks God for you.
-Values you and your family.
-Laughs with you a lot!
-Has you're back, you're a team!
-Is a gentleman
-Makes you feel physically and spiritually safe.
-Cowboy at heart :)

Why cowboy? Well that will be for another post. Until then, I hope you are able to feel inspired and encouraged. Trust me, I don't always feel hopeful and there are many days that I feel lost in this specific topic, but writing it out or posting on my wall has been such a great reminder to not give up on what I have been dreaming all along. 

These are the things I had to say.

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