Sunday, November 23, 2014

I Don't Believe in Coincidences

Hey Blog Followers,

It's been a while since I have posted last! I wanted to share some stories that happened this past week of how God has been SO present in my life.

The first story, which is fresh in my mind is, this morning I was feeling a little down before going to church and the song that popped up into my head right away was "Our God" by Chris Tomlin and if you're not familiar with it, then  CLICK HERE

Immediately, I felt the urge to play this song out loud on the piano before going to church....and guess what one of the songs they played at church today?!?!

For a person who doesn't believe in coincidence this was such an amazing moment for me. I was filled with so much joy, mainly because it was God's confirmation to me saying,  "I hear you and I know you, I know your heart, your pain, and I know what will make it feel better!" The part of the song that I love to drill into my brain and heart is: 

"Our God is greater our God is stronger..."

Anything you are going through, the God that loves me and that I love, is so much greater than anything we are going through! He is for us and not against us!

The second story was on Thursday night when I shared my testimony at church. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to write it down and share it with you in detail too, but for now I'll keep it to the point. I shared my 5-7 minute testimony and right after we listened to the pastor speak a message and it was based on the biblical story of when Jesus talks with the Samaritan Woman. (Read John 4). Man, God spoke to me loud and clear that night....what a blessing to hear that story! The pastor didn't know my story and again, I don't believe in coincidence! God put the passage on his heart to share and it totally went with my testimony! God has cleaned my stains, he died for ME, he has and is making me new!

Lastly, the car accident story! First, everyone is ok and I thank God that it wasn't worse than it was! I got rear ended on my way going to work, but God provided the friendliest people to help me out! A person who was OFF duty for AAA pulled over to help me and check on us to make sure we were getting the proper help! What a blessing! I believe that God put every person involved for a reason...sometimes we don't know exactly why, but I'm sure this story is still in the making!

All these stories the good and the bad have revived me to share the hope and love of Jesus! Right now I feel like "screaming it from the mountains, and tell it to the masses, that He is God." That was a song that was played at church today and it's moved me to share these stories with you! Click Here if you don't know what song I'm talking about!

I want to hear from you too blog followers!!! What are some stories that God has whispered to you or you have no explanation for?!?!!? So appropriate for this week on reflecting on thankfulness! Happy Thanksgiving!


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