Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sci-fi and Christianity: How they are the same

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Today's blog post is a little random. I just got back from watching The Maze Runner and oh my goodness... I'm sure my blood pressure is off the scale now. I love movies that keep you on the edge of your seat and make you think. I've been thinking anyone who loves sci-fi is just a cool person and I need to be your best friend! You must have a brain that is so creative and able to appreciate other people's creativity just as much. There is no way around it really, because that's exactly what sci-fi settings and characters aresuppose to do... They are suppose to take you to a place that doesn't exisist or Introduce you to creatures or things that there is no description or defintion for. 

I HAD to take a sci-fi writing class at APU during my sophomore year of college. Yes, it wasn't a choice... We had writing classes that had certain focuses, so since I signed up late I got stuck with sci-fi writing. It was probably one of the best classes I took and I still remember it clearly. The main thing that has stood out to me throughout the years is how the professor compared sci-fi and the christian faith. He said ultimately they both are about Good versus Evil and in all good stories, including Christianity there is a savior who sacrifices themself in one way or the other. 

I often say things before thinking and one thing that I have laughed with my friends about is when I shared with them (and now you) the time I thanked God for creativity, because He allowed Twilight to be created. Haha, well, I'm still going to thank God for all the authors who have created stories that are so good, because ultimately they come from God. He's the one who had the idea first of having a plan of Good v.s evil and having a savior come save the world, including me and you! 

What are some of your favorite sci-fi books and movies that just make you think, even to this day? I want to hear from you blog followers!

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