Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Holocaust inspired music

Hey Blog Followers,

I wanted to share a piano music  piece that I created. I wouldn't call myself a history buff, but I can say that I have a great interest in certain time periods and events in history. The Holocaust is probably one of the most devasting, yet fascinating events that took place on this earth. We look back and ask ourselves, how in the world did humanity let that happen? Sadly, maybe in many years from now younger generations will be asking us the same thing about the genocides in Africa or global human trafficking. 

I want to explain the break down of my song, so maybe you'll be able to understand it better. It first starts off slow and it's suppose to represent officers coming door to door collecting people. Then there is a part that is suppose to demonstrate that as the door bells are ringing people are trying to gather there things as quiet as possible and get out. The song moves on to a fast pace part which represent the people are running away and I picture it as if they are running at night; scared, not able to see, in the woods or remote alleys. The song gets a little happier which represents the sense of hope that maybe everything will be ok. The ending represents that the officers start to give up on ringing the door bells. 
These are the things I had to say! #dreasaidit

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