Sunday, July 6, 2014

My First....VLOG!

Hey blog followers,

Today I created my first vlog with my canon camera and my new waterproof camera! Trust me the content isn't that great, video/audio quality can always be better, and I am still figuring out how editing works; however I am so proud of my first video creation! I sometimes give myself pep talks and many times I allow family and friends to give me  their input too, but today was the day that I said, "I won't know if I like it if I never try and I won't get better unless I practice!" So I went out, bought a camera, put my words into action, and voil`a (accent mark is suppose to be on the a, but whatever-close enough).

My goal with my vlogs is to film my travel adventures near and far. I am making it a goal to travel many more places. Why not? I don't really have anything holding me back and I might as well take advantage of this stage in my life. I do have a question though-How do you daily vloggers do it!? My couple minute video seriously took so much time, which means I'm probably doing something the long way or you guys never sleep! 

Check it out below! #dreasaidit

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