Thursday, July 23, 2015

Another God miracle story! I ran into someone I have been hoping to run into for a long time!

Hey blog followers,

I have not been good about keeping up with my posts lately, but I really wanted to share this story!

So, back in Fall 2009 I studied abroad in South Africa and maybe I will write a post about how much that journey has impacted me today. However, the point of today is different than that.

It all started off back in 6th grade when I took choir with Mrs. Kelley. Well, she taught us a song called, "Shosholoza". At the time I fell in love with that song and it forever was implanted in my brain with no idea where the origin came from or the meaning of they lyrics. Hear it here (This is from the Invictus soundtrack). 

When I was in South Africa I heard it when 2 little boys were singing it outside our bus one time and I totally recognized it and even knew the lyrics still! It was such a internal magical moment for me. Who would have thought a 6th grade choir class would have such an impact on me. When I got back from South Africa I wanted to tell Mrs. Kelley how much her class impacted me and especially that song. She use to drive a blue beetle and every time I would see one on the road I would look in to see if it was her. The question I ask myself now, even if it were to have been her would I have followed her all the way home? Would I have honked to get her I have no idea.

Anyways, TODAY I finally ran into her! I was going into the bank and she was going in too and I couldn't believe it! My search and wonders have finally concluded! I was able to talk to her and let her know how much that song and that moment in time had a major impact in my life! 

It truly is God's perfect timing, because 1) she told me she ended up moving to another city and she was at the bank to deal with address change and 2) what if I had gone through the drive-thru atm, which I highly considered! I would have totally missed her!

I am so in aw and just humbled by God's love and His faithfullness! All I can really say is, thanks be to God and for awesome teachers who have impacted my life. It gave me inspiration to continue to make a positive impact to my students, especially as a start a new school year at a new school in a couple weeks! 

These are the things I had to say.

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