Sunday, May 3, 2015

What is beyond this Earth?

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I hope you had an awesome and restful weekend. I can't say that I had a restful weekend, but overall it was pretty awesome! I know spending a little more than a full 72 hours with at least 50 8th graders isn't everyone's cup of tea, however for me it was a privilege to witness these kids light up at Astro Camp! I wish you could have been there to see these kids problem solve, getting excited about taking on challenges, and over coming fears!  

Have you taken the time to really reflect how our Earth and all the elements it carries, really works? How about reflecting beyond the things that are outside of our world? Sometimes trying to find the answer to one thing leads to asking questions to at least 100 more things! That is exactly what happened to me. I guess the main question I have is what in the world(no pun intended) is beyond this Earth? I know there are the technical answers...planets, galaxies, supernovas, etc! But truly, what is the purpose of having all these things that we can't really reach?

I'm not really a big believer that other life exists out "there", but even if it did, what would be the reasoning? Since I don't believe that there is life outside of this Earth then it leaves me with the faith that God is way bigger than I could have ever imagined or pictured him to be. He is more detailed. More creative. More technical. More knowing. More awesome than I give him credit for. I'm not on a journey to figure out the answers, but I'm on a journey of reflecting and soaking in how awesome the God of the universe is and that He has created a purpose for you and me! We seem so small compared to everything else that He has created, but yet, he chose to love us more than all those things! He chose us, knowing that we would deny Him and possibly not choose Him back!

I want to hear from you too blog followers? What on Earth and beyond is out there? What do you guys believe, research, dream of that could be out "there"? Hey maybe I could be wrong and there are other signs of life out there, like in "Zenon Girl of the 21st Century?" :)

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