Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Holocaust inspired music

Hey Blog Followers,

I wanted to share a piano music  piece that I created. I wouldn't call myself a history buff, but I can say that I have a great interest in certain time periods and events in history. The Holocaust is probably one of the most devasting, yet fascinating events that took place on this earth. We look back and ask ourselves, how in the world did humanity let that happen? Sadly, maybe in many years from now younger generations will be asking us the same thing about the genocides in Africa or global human trafficking. 

I want to explain the break down of my song, so maybe you'll be able to understand it better. It first starts off slow and it's suppose to represent officers coming door to door collecting people. Then there is a part that is suppose to demonstrate that as the door bells are ringing people are trying to gather there things as quiet as possible and get out. The song moves on to a fast pace part which represent the people are running away and I picture it as if they are running at night; scared, not able to see, in the woods or remote alleys. The song gets a little happier which represents the sense of hope that maybe everything will be ok. The ending represents that the officers start to give up on ringing the door bells. 
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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Sky is the Limit!

Photo credit: Andrea Moncayo
Hi Blog Followers,

Normally post grad students don't like hearing the question of what they will be doing next. Well, lucky for you I will just tell you and you didn't even have to ask. 

This past May I received my multiple subject teaching credential and Digital Teaching and Learning. I have no regrets about doing the program, because 1) The people that I met in grad school were all worth it and 2) I really enjoy the digital world and the digital programs that exist, including this blog.

Becoming a substitute teacher wasn't exactly in MY plan for this year. I thought, oh gosh I'm going to 25 years old and if I don't get a teaching job this year that means it's another year of waiting (yes, some teachers get jobs in the middle of the year, but as Effie from The Hunger Games would say, "May the odds be ever in your favor."), but realistically if you don't make it on the band wagon this year, then usually you have to wait until the next school year. 

Ok, so I accepted the fact that I will probably not be a teacher of my own classroom this year, but I realized there is so much that I can do as I sub. The main one that I'm greatly  considering  is traveling at times that most people probably don't get to. It might be short term or it might be long term (If it is long term it can't be until January, because i'm  in TWO weddings this December that I wouldn't miss). Some things I've been thinking about are: I can go learn French in Paris or perfect my Spanish in Spain or in Latin America. I can go see the fall leaves in the East Coast in October or visit the ocean in Hawaii before it gets to cold. I can go hold babies (MY DREAM JOB!!!!) where babies need more human interaction. I can stay here and learn piano songs that I have always wanted to learn all because of YouTube. I can start my Homemaker in Training Project, or study some more so that I can get a single subject credential in History or Spanish, or take the GRE and apply to Ph.D programs. I can keep up with blog and vlog hobbies. But, wherever I go or end up, I can finally start writing the book that I have always wanted to start. At this point in my life I feel the SKY IS THE LIMIT! I don't really have anything holding me back and plus since I'm young now and have the energy, I better take advantage of it. 

Of course I'm realistic and realize that in order to do all the things that I want to, I will need to find a way to pay for it. However, my main point is, if I really want to do all these things and if they are meant to be, then I'm going to find a way, because if I don't dream or have a goal then life for me can feel depressing and that's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. What are some of your dreams that you are hoping to achieve if you believe that the sky is the limit? Or what are some sacrifices that you are making now in order to achieve your dreams in future! I want to hear from you too blog followers, so that I don't feel that I'm alone in this!

I'm looking forward to seeing where I end up, because one quote that I find to be very true is: "Expect the unexpected." Don't worry, once things start falling into place and when I have a better idea, I'll be sharing about it with you! Part of sharing the struggles is also about sharing the victories!  

These are the things I had to say.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Freak Out Moment

As many of you know my younger sister (11 months and 2 weeks younger) is getting married this weekend! Ahhhh!!! I have so many mixed emotions right now that I don't even know how to handle it, which is why in writing this emergency blog post! I have felt absent through this process even though I have been "here". I thought this was going to be a summer of traveling through Machu Picchu and taking some traveling risks. Well, I'm not meaning to sound like I'm complaining, because trust me it is such a honor to be in people's weddings and I do enjoy it! However, I feel emotionally drained right now and it's a mixture of things! It's the fact of balancing responsibilities such as, the job search and making decisions (I have a whole blog set aside for that topic), being there for others even when they don't deserve it (trust me I don't even deserve it myself), remaining positive even when the odds don't even seem to be in your favor, and the greatest struggle for me is accepting that life is continually changing. I truly feel I am going through a quarter life crisis. I struggle with time and expectations that are meant and it's something I need to erase from my head. I pray and pray that I'll truly get to enjoy this weekend with my sister, live in the moment, and share this time with her. Thanks for reading and this was my freak out rant right and these were the things I had to say.